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“The Two Million” 2016  
On October 29, 2015 Turkey opened their borders to over 2 million refugees from war-torn Syria.  As they take refuge in a new land on unfamiliar soil, finding peace and belonging is their main concern.  Join Turkish-born Artist , Writer ,Co- Director and  Producer

Derin Isikman  Baratka and Art Therapist Selin Yazar  as they bring to light the story and struggle of the plight of these refugees.
Derin and Selin used art as a way for the Syrians to express their pain and help them find belonging.They brought the Syrian refugees art supplies and materials so they can create their own art and express their stories and feelings with their own hands. This entire journey from Turkey to America documented by  Derin Isikman Baratka including interviews with the Syrians expressing their personal struggles and new beginnings as the story is told of:  The 2 Million. The revenues from this social responsibility project in Turkey will be used for the education expense of Syrian refugee children.