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The Five Million, My Impossible promise, 2018 

I am a contribution of unlimited power to see and act when forces are dominating the goodness of humanity I achieved this through by film making and my activeness for human kind. 
What is occurring with the Syrian refuge is to show they are been portrayed as a burden, not as possibilities as contribution.
We will pointedly show and describe the effects of the loss of sympathy and understanding for each other, which if left unchecked, can lead to the destabilization of society.
Projects exist that focus on existing problems and do not include the overall impact that will occur. 
We will show the difficulties existing for the refugees and host communities that is reflecting what could arise on a global scale if not resolve.
By contributing to the making of this film, "The Five Million" you will be helping us to bring awareness that by accepting our differences without judgement will help us as humans create a world of harmony. 

Written and Directing by Derin Isikman