Derin Isikman Baratka is a writer and award winning film director. Her first documentary short film “The Two Million” sheds light on the plight of the Syrian refugees who journeyed from Syria to Turkey. Derin examines the impact of the Syrian crisis on the people who fled and their struggle to begin again in Turkey, and the skills they bring to these countries where they are forced to begin again. Derin interviews dentists, doctors, teachers and other hardworking individuals whose skills can play a vital role, while also examining the lost generation of children suffering from the emotional, physical and psychological damages of war. Derin harnesses her background as a impressionist painter to help refugees express their pain and extreme loss, while also sharing a vivid portrait of The Two Million.  Derin’s foray into filmmaking utilizes her talents and creative voice as the Founder of the Derin Fine Art International. 

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