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"Just Hear Me Out"

Short Film

Director and Producer: Derin Baratka
Writer: Derin Baratka 

Our social documentary is about living in the 21st century and how technology interferes with dating and stable relationships. As we are aware of the problem of communication in relationships, we want to create awareness of our social expectations that form our behavior in relationships and how to liberate ourselves from these expectations in order to find ourselves and ultimately find a healthy relationship.

People have their own story and they use this story to navigate through the world. By interviewing people of different ages, races, sexualities, we will create awareness by highlighting people’s stories to enlighten ourselves.

During filming, we will also interview a family therapist, author on communication, divorce and family matter mediator, and  divorce lawyer  to provide a professional feedback about our social research.

Our social documentary trailer will be released via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to gain attention in Chicago. After filming is complete, the documentary will be submitted to film festivals that premiere locally and on a national stage.